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Cut an apple sideways and let your child discover the star. Next, have them look for seeds and count the number of seeds they find. If you want to turn this into a snack, clean out the seed area and scoop peanut butter into the hole. Makes a great snack.

You can make a great apple counting puppet for your child by cutting a 5x5 apple shape from a piece of light weight cardboard. Have your child color the apple red, then using small pointed scissors cut four small finger circles in the apple. Give the puppet to your child and have him poke a finger through one of the holes.

Teach your child the following rhyme and have him continue to add finger through the holes for worms as the poem indicates.

One little worm, crawled up the apple tree. (Poke out one finger)
Bit into an apple, it was might tast-y.

She called to her friend to join her in the fun
Now two worms are munching apples one by one. (Poke out a second finger)

Two little worms, in the apple tree.
Called to another, now there are three. (Poke out a third finger)

Three little worms, eating more and more,
Called to another, now there are four. (Poke out a fourth finger)

Four little worms, as happy as can be,
Munching all day, in the apple tree.

Jean Warren


Give your child a bag of red, green and yellow apples. Have him sort the apples by color, then count the apples in each pile.