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Sometimes clashing do they come
Letting anger beat their drum.

Sometimes gentle as a dove
Bringing hope and peace and love.
The waves returning endlessly
Causing change eventually.

And so like waves, we all must dare
To work for change, to say we care.

To make our point and then retreat
Mixing dreams with those we meet.

The task seems endless, yet we know
The waves can change the rocks the rocks below!
                                    Jean Warren
                                    ©  Warren Publishing House


Look beneath the freckles
Look beneath the grin
Look for that which sparkles
Buried deep within.

Look beyond the whining
Look beyond the tears
Look beyond the runny nose
The frowns, the mess, the fears.

Search for that which glitters
Treasures to unfold.
Search beneath the surface,
Search and find the gold!
                               Jean Warren
                               © Warren Publishing House, Inc.