Preschool Patterns

Preschool Patterns are designed for making
Teaching Props – such as, felt board cutouts and puppets.
Learning Games –such as, matching and sorting games.
Room Decorations – such as, bulletin boards, calendars and name tags.
Crafts and Sewing – such as, scrapbooks and quilts.

The patterns are drawn so that young children can identify then by their shape alone.   Sets sell for $5 each.

Shape Pattern Sets
Basic Shapes (Circle, Square, Triangle, Rectangle) $5
Special Shapes (Star, Heart, Diamond, Shamrock) $5
Fall Pattern Sets 
Fall (Leaf, Apple, School Bus, Squirrel) $5
Halloween (Cat, Pumpkin, Bat, Owl) $5
Thanksgiving (House, Turkey, Cornucopia, Apple Tree) $5

Winter Pattern Sets
Winter (Snowflake, Snowman, Penguin, Mitten) $5
Christmas (Evergreen Tree, Gingerbread Man, Bear, Star) $5

Spring Pattern Set

Spring (Egg, Bunny, Basket, Lamb) $5

Summer Pattern Set

Summer (Bird, Flower, Lady Bug, Butterfly) $5  

Animal Pattern Sets

Farm Animals (Duck, Hen, Pig, Cow) $5
Water Animals (Fish, Turtles, Whale, Frog) $5

Transportation Pattern Set

Transportation (Boat, Car, Plane, Train) $5

Miscellaneous Pattern Set

Miscellaneous(Ground Hog, Cactus, Dinosaur, Rocket) $5