Most anywhere you go, there are opportunities for teaching your child beginning math. An especially good place is the local grocery store. Below is a list of possible suggestions. Try one or two ideas each time you go to the store with your child.

  • Weighing – let your child help you weigh fruits and vegetables.
  • Counting – let your child pick out 2 – 5 pieces of fruit for your bag.
    have your child find a six cup muffin tin vs. the twelve cup kind.
    how many eggs are in a carton?
  • Size – have your child find the largest watermelon, or smallest.
  • Length – let your child help you find the longest cucumber.
  • Estimating – let your child try estimating how many potatoes or oranges are in a sack or estimate which melon is the heaviest.
  • Half/whole – point out to your child when you see things sold in half portions, such as half a cake, half a watermelon, etc.
  • Pricing – have your child compare prices for two similar cereals. Which is priced the highest, which is the lowest?
  • One-to-one-correspondence – have your child pick out how many ears of corn you will need to for everyone in your family to have one ear.
  • Money – let your child have the experience of paying for small items at the check out stand. Help them count the change.