Give your child a plain white paper plate.
Set out three colors of paint daubers (like Bingo stampers).
Have your child make circles on the paper plate in three different colors.
When dry, have the child count for you how many gumballs they made of each color.
You could also ask which colors has the most gumballs and which color has the least.
Take a piece of paper and start a simple dot pattern using two different colored paint daubers.
Example: Two blue dots, then one red dot. Repeat a couple of times.
Then give the paper to your child and have her continue the pattern.

Set out a number of small art materials, such as; beans, cotton balls, small fake flowers, poms, small shells, etc.
Give your child a large piece of paper and some glue.
Have her glue sets of objects on her paper in sets of two or three.
Let your child make some paper chains.
After he has glued on five to eight chains, have him stop and count his links.
Variation: Have your child make a chain of a certain number of links.

Set out some finger painting paper.
Place some finger paint in the middle of the paper for your child.
Have your child finger paint on the paper.
When the paper is covered with paint, have your child practice writing numerals in the paint with her finger.
Give your child a paint dauber (like Bingo stampers) and have him make four to seven paint circles on his paper.
Then give him a fine point black pen and have him draw lines coming down from the circles to turn them into balloons on strings.
Set out an ink pad, and some small ink stamps.
Give your child a piece of paper and have her stamp a certain number of pictures on her paper.
Variation: Have your child make a number book. Fold and staple together three pieces of copy paper to make a blank booklet. Write a number at the top of each page. Have your child complete the book by stamping the appropriate number of stamps on each page.
Give your child some stickers and a piece of paper.
Instruct your child to place five stickers on her paper.

Cut out some cardboard numerals.
Place the numerals on a table.
Have your child place a piece of paper over one or two cutouts.
Then give your child a paperless crayon.
Show him how to lay the crayon on its side and rub it across the paper.
Rubbings of the numerals will appear on the paper.
Set out a black ink pad and some paper.
Show your child how to place a finger on the pad and then press it on her paper.
Have her make three to four finger prints.
Then give her a fine point black pen and have her draw eight legs on each finger print (four legs on each side) to create spiders on her paper.

Cut out multiple white daisy petals and three yellow paper circles.
Give your child a piece of blue paper and the paper circles.
Have her glue the three circles onto her paper far apart.
Then have her glue six flower petals around each circle to create three daisies.