Here are a few ideas to incorporate number concepts into a neighborhood walk.

  1.  Look for specific numbers on houses or mailboxes.
  2. Say hello to three neighbors.  Or estimate, then count the people you meet.
  3. Look for two blue cars.
  4. Count cracks in the sidewalk.
  5. Say numbers on houses or mailboxes.
  6. Make up cards of nature things to look for in your area.  Such as three leaves.
  7. Count the cars in each driveway.
  8. Look for bus numbers.
  9. Say the numbers on license plates.  Or look for a special number.
  10. Count windows on the front of houses.
  11. Count the number of stairs on the front porch of each house.
  12. Which house has the most flowers, cars, etc.?  Which house has the least?
  13. Which house is the smallest on the block (or between two houses)?  Which house is the biggest?
  14. Sing number songs while walking along.