Snacktime is a fun time for preschoolers. Take advantage of this interest and introduce your child to some basic math concepts at this time. Below are some suggestions.

Let your children make Cherrio necklaces and count the Cherrios as they eat them.
Peel a small orange and have your child count the sections.
How many chocolate chips in your cookie?
How many fish crackers did you grab?
Have your child guess or (estimate) the number of peas he will find in his pea pod.
How many cups of popcorn can you make with ¼ cup corn kernels.
Give your child a bag of mixed crackers. Have her line them up according to size.
Have your child pick the largest apple for you to quarter.
Point out to your child when ever you cut a sandwich or fruit in half or in fourths.
Show your child how the pizza has been cut into eights.
This is the ability to match things up, one-to-one. Such as;
Have your child pass out one napkin to each place setting.
Have your child choose one cheese slice for each cracker he has.
Give your child a measuring cup and have him measure out ½ cup of juice for his snack.