Before going to kindergarten, children should be able to group objects into simple sets, per adult instruction.  Here are some simple set activities that you can do with your preschoolers to familiarize them with sets.

You will need four 12” sections of yarn, and 20 small felt circles for this game.

  • On the floor or on a table make four circles out of 12” sections of yarn.
  • Explain to your children that these circles are holders of sets.
  • Now place one felt circle inside each yarn circle.
  • Explain to your children that there is now a set of 1 inside each circle. Then remove felt pieces.
  • Now start getting your children involved in the activity more, by asking one of them to now place two felt circles inside each circle.
  • Ask the group how many now are in each set.
  • Continue with sets of 3, 4 and five.


  • Have six children stand up and make three sets.
  • If this activity is hard for your children, place three large yarn circles on the floor and then ask them to form three sets.


  • Mark the four corners of your room in four different colors.
  • Make some color tickets, in the four colors.
  • Let your children each choose one of the color tickets.
  • Then have them go to the color corner, the same color as their ticket.
  • Count the children in each corner.  Tell your children, “There are ____ children in the yellow set”, etc.


  • Give each child a piece of paper and a crayon.
  • First, have them fold their papers twice, into four parts.
  • Now ask them to draw a balloon in each section.
  • Ask your children how many balloons are in each set?  Answer = One.
  • Now ask them to draw another balloon in each section.
  • Now, how many balloons are in each section?  Answer = Two.
  • You could also ask, how many balloons there are in all.  Answer = Eight.
  • You can also ask, how many sets in all.  Answer = Four.


  • Set out five paper plates on a table.
  • Set out a basket of crackers.
  • Place 3 crackers on each plate.
  • Ask your children how many sets you have.
  • Then ask them how many crackers are in each set.