GIFT BOXES (Size Discrimination) You can help your child learn size discrimination with a stack of gift boxes.
Set out 4-6 gift boxes in different sizes.
Have your child find the largest box, the next largest, etc.
Have your child line the boxes up from smallest to largest.
Or have her stack the boxes on top of one another from largest to smallest.
STUFFED ANIMAL TRAIN (Counting and Numeral Recognition)
Set out five cardboard boxes (approx. 2’ x 4’) in a line for a train.
Tape a number card on each box (1 thru 5)
Set out 15 stuffed animals.
Have your child place the correct number of animals in each box according to the number posted on the train car.
Variation: You can reverse this game by leaving the animals in the boxes and taking the numbers posted on the boxes off and mixing up the cards. Have your child then place the cards back on the train according to how many animals are in the box.
ANIMAL LINEUP (Size Discrimination)
Set out 5-10 stuffed animals.
Have your child place the animals in a line from the smallest to the largest.
Variation: Place animals in the line from the largest to the smallest. Have your child count the number of animals that are in his line.
Place some jellybeans in a small glass or clear plastic jar or glass.
Have your child try to guess how many jellybeans are in the jar.
COUNTING BUTTONS (Counting) Winter time is usually a time of heavy clothing with lots of buttons.
Go on a button search with your child.
Have him count how many buttons they have on, then how many buttons you have on. Who has the most?
COUNTING PAIRS (Matching and Counting)
Go through your house and find five pairs of gloves or mittens.
Mix up the gloves and give them to your child.
Help her count how many individual gloves she has.
First, have her sort the gloves into pairs.
Then have her count for you how many pairs she has.
Go for a ride in the car with your child when there is snow on the ground.
Have your child count the number of snowmen he sees.
On a snowy day, help your child make 10 snowballs.
Set out a plastic basket.
Have your child try tossing the snowballs into the basket.