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There are a number of writing activities you can provide for your child to help them develop beginning writing skills. It is important to start with no-lose activities ie, one's where the child is correct no matter what she does.

You can make a writing slate for your child with a dress box lid. First have him pour salt into the box to cover it's bottom. Then have your child write lines, circles and letters in the salt. To start over again, just shake the box to even out the salt.


On a piece of paper, write individual letters, lines or circles. Then cover the paper with clear Con-tac paper or place the paper inside a plastic page protector. Then give your child a black crayon and have him trace over the letters with the crayon. Show him how to erase the crayon marks with a cotton tissue, then trace the letters again.
VARIATION: Write your child's name when you think he would be able to trace over it successfully.
Help your child make a number book to read. Cut out 5pieces of paper in half diagonally and staple them together. Write the numerals 1 through 9 on the pages of the book. Write "My Number Book" on the cover. Have your child tear or cut pictures from magazines of l object, 2 objects, 3 objects, etc. Then have him glue the pictures on the appropriate pages. Write the words for the number and the object on the bottom of each page; such as, "five apples" or "seven balloons". Encourage your child to "read" his book to you.

A fun game to play with children just learning to write is called "Add-ons". Sit with your child and using a piece of paper or tablet, draw simple shapes or objects with an obvious missing part. Have your child draw on the missing part. Such as:
a square with one side missing
a flower with no stem
a balloon with no string
a truck with no wheels