Adapted by Jean Warren

Along time ago, in a small farming town, a beggar went door to door asking for food.  Everywhere he went people told him they were sorry but they had no extra food to give him.  So at the last house, he asked if he could borrow a big pot, to make some soup for the village.

Everyone wondered how this beggar could make soup for everyone when he had no food.  “No problem,” he said.  I know how to make stone soup.

“I have the perfect stone; can someone help me fill this pot with water?”  I can said the housewife.

“Can someone help me build a fire under this soup pot?”  “I can,” said a farmer.

Soon he had the pot filled with water and his stone was cooking over a large fire.
Can someone bring me a large spoon to stir my soup?  “I can,” said a young girl.

Everyone in the village soon came out to watch this poor beggar with a special gift, for making soup from a stone.

As he stirred, the beggar said, “This is going to be fine soup, but a bit of beef broth would make it better.”  “I have some broth,” said a lady and she ran home to get it.

When the broth was added, the beggar continued to stir.  “Mmm, this soup is going to be good but it would be even better if I had some carrots to add to it,” said the beggar.  “I have some carrots, said a farmer” and he ran home to get them. 
When he brought them back, the beggar chopped them and added them to his soup.  “Mmm, this soup is really good now, but if I had some more vegetables, it would even be better.”  Four more villagers ran off to get vegetables and soon brought them back.  One brought some extra potatoes, another brought some onions and the third one brought some tomatoes and the last one brought some beans.

By now, everyone could see what a good soup this was becoming.  Everyone took turns stirring the soup.

When the soup was finished, the beggar shared his stone soup with the villagers.  Everyone thought the soup was wonderful.  And to think, he made it with just some water and a stone.  Everyone was grateful to the beggar for sharing his secret.  Never again did they let a beggar go hungry from their village.

(Discuss with your children why a soup made from a stone could taste so good.   Your children will also enjoy acting out the Stone Soup story.)