Bunny ears headband Dog ears headband

Group story time is always enhanced when children are able to participate some way in the story telling.  Masks can be used successfully, when they are easy to use and in no way intimidate the children.  Here are some simple masks for your children to make or use during story time.  Have your children hold up there characters when they appear in the story.  You can have the children all make the same character or you can have them choose a character among a choice of three or four shapes.


  • Let your children decorate people or animal head shapes with marking pens or paper scraps.
  • Tape a handle on the lower back of the shape with a large craft stick.


  • Use half of a paper plate for these masks.
  • Cut out half circles for eyes and nose holes at the bottom of each half plate.
  • Have your children color their half plate face mask.
  • Then create a headband for each child and attach the top of each face mask to a headband.


  • Take a paper plate for each child and cut out the center of the plate.
  • Let the children decorate their paper plate rings by gluing on short strips of crepe paper for flower petals.
  • Attach a craft stick handle to the bottom of each flower wreath mask.
  • Have the children hold up the flower mask in front of their faces while you tell a story about a flower, a bee, or a garden.


  • These masks are made like the headband masks.
  • Just attach the half paper plate mask to the front of the hat.


Technically these are not masks but they are a quick costume for children who want to be a character in a story.

  • Cut out headbands and animal ears from paper for each child.
  • Let your children help you by gluing the ears onto their headband.
  • Have your children wear the headbands while you read an animal story.