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Cut lemons, yellow squash, and yellow bell peppers in half. Place folded paper towels in shallow containers and pour on small amounts of yellow tempera paint. Invite your children to press the cut sides of the fruit and veggies onto the paint-covered towels, then stamp them on white paper to make prints.
Have your children tear yellow tissue paper into small pieces and arrange them on squares of clear Contact paper placed sticky-side up. Encourage the children to overlap the tissue pieces as they work. Cover each child's creation with a second square of Contact paper and punch a hole near one edge. Then tie loops of yellow yarn through the holes in the squares and hang the sun catchers in a window.

In a large basket, place two each of various yellow fruits and veggies, such as lemons, bananas, apples, summer squash, bell peppers, and ears of corn. Let your children use the items for these games.
Find the matching pairs of fruits and veggies. Put the pairs on separate plates.
Select two matching fruits or veggies and hold one in each hand. Which is heavier? Which is lighter? Weigh the items to check responses.
Set out a shopping bag. Count the fruits and veggies while putting them into the bag and taking them out.
Make a blank book for each of your children by fastening several pieces of yellow or white paper together. Print "My Yellow Book" and the child's name on the cover. Let your children cut or tear yellow pictures out of magazines or catalogs and glue them onto their book pages. Also provide them with other yellow materials, such as tissue paper scraps, yarn, ribbon, or stickers, to add to their books, if you wish.

Make up yellow riddles and invite your children to guess the answers. Here are a few to get you started.
I'm big and yellow. I have wheels. I take kids to and from school. What am I? (school bus)
I'm tasty, smooth, and yellow. You can spread me on toast or melt me and pour me over popcorn. What am I? (butter or margarine)
I'm a yellow flower. I grow in the grass. People call me "dandy." What am I? (dandelion)

Tape a yellow square of paper or poster board to the floor for each of your children. Also tape a few squares of other colored paper or poster board to the floor. Then play music and have the children walk around the squares. Whenever you stop the music, have them each find a yellow square to stand on. Continue the game as long as interest lasts.

Tune: "If You're Happy and You Know It"

If you see something yellow, wiggle, jiggle.
If you see something yellow, wiggle, jiggle.
If you see something yellow,
Wiggle, jiggle just like Jell-O.
If you see something yellow, wiggle jiggle.
Liz Ryerson
At the end of the song, have your children name the yellow things they see.
Try one or more of these ideas at snacktime.
Use fresh lemons to make lemonade.
Eat corn on the cob spread with butter.
Serve fresh or canned pineapple.