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Let your children make ladybugs, using one of these ideas.
Paint walnut shell halves red. When dry, add spots with black markers.
Use tempera to paint round, smooth rocks red. Allow to dry, then glue on dots punched out of black paper for spots.
Brush the backs of small paper plates with red paint. Use black markers to add spots when the paint has dried.
Give your children 1-inch paper ovals or circles. Let them decorate their ovals with red and black markers to make ladybugs. Help them glue their ladybugs onto paper strips cut to fit around a finger. When the glue has dried, fasten the ends of each child's paper strip together to make a ring for wearing the ladybug puppet.

From red felt, cut out five ovals or circles for ladybugs. Using a black marker, draw one spot on the first ladybug, two spots on the second ladybug, three spots on the third ladybug, and so on. Next, cut five large leaf shapes out of green felt and number them from 1 to 5. Place the leaves on a flannelboard. Then invite your children to count the spots on the ladybugs and place them on the matching numbered leaves.
Give each of your children an index card. Have them use washable red inkpads to make six thumbprints on their cards for ladybug bodies. Let them use black ballpoint pens to draw six spots on each ladybug. Then show them how to draw six legs on each of their ladybugs, three on one side and three on the other side. Label the cards with the numeral 6, and encourage the children to use their cards for counting practice.

Ladybugs are prized by gardeners because they feed on unwanted insect pests, such as aphids. The little bugs are so popular that people often buy them to set free in their gardens. Ask at a local nursery if there is an outlet for ladybugs in your area, or check online references for live ladybugs. Then purchase an order of ladybugs for your group. When the bugs arrive, let the children help set them free in your garden and observe what happens.

Five little ladybugs on our front door, (Hold up five fingers.)
One flew to Isaac, and that left four. (Hold up four fingers.)
Four little ladybugs, oh so wee,
One flew to Noah, and that left three. (Hold up three fingers.)
Three little ladybugs saying "howdy-do,"
One flew to Brian, and that left two. (Hold up two fingers.)
Two little ladybugs snoozing in the sun,
One flew to Runar, and that left one. (Hold up one finger.)
One little ladybug alone on the door,
It flew to Bella, then there were no more. (Bend down last finger.)
Elizabeth Scofield
Substitute the names of your children for those in the rhyme.

Tune: "Mary Had a Little Lamb"

See the little ladybug,
Ladybug, ladybug.
See the little ladybug
Flying here and there.
Now it's landing on the ground,
On the ground, on the ground.
Now it's landing on the ground
And crawling everywhere.
Liz Ryerson
Let your children work their Ladybug Finger Puppets, above, while singing the song.
Try one of these snack ideas with your group.
Spread red jam on biscuit rounds and top with raisin "spots."
Decorate round cookies with red frosting. For spots, add chocolate chips.