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Choose one or more of the following activities for your group to try.
Umbrella Puppets: Cut thin paper plates in half. For each child, turn a plate half into a side-view umbrella by taping the straight end of a bendable straw to the back of the half-plate and bending up the other end of the straw to form a handle. Let the children decorate their umbrellas with crayons or markers.
Finger Umbrellas: Have your children decorate both sides of thin paper plates to create umbrella tops. Poke a hole in the center of each plate. Then show the children how to insert a finger up through the hole in their plates and hold their umbrellas overhead.
Cut 3- to 4-inch circles out of colored construction paper and cut the circles in half. Turn the halves into side-view umbrellas by taping a pipe cleaner handle to the back of each half-circle and bending up the bottom end of the pipe cleaner. Give each of your children an umbrella to tape onto a piece of white or light blue construction paper. Then have them use blue markers to dot raindrops all over their papers.
UMBRELLA COUNT - Number Recognition/Counting

Set out umbrella rubber stamps along with washable inkpads. Give your children papers with numerals from 1 to 5 written on them. Let the children choose papers, name the numerals on them, and then stamp on matching numbers of umbrella prints. Let the children draw pictures on their papers incorporating their umbrella prints, if they wish.

COLOR UMBRELLAS - Color Recognition/Language
Cut an umbrella shape out of each of these colors of felt: red, yellow, blue, purple, orange, green. Then invite your children to take turns playing this flannelboard game as you recite the rhyme below.

Here are some umbrellas
Just for me and you.  (Put red, yellow, and blue shapes on board.)
Can you name their colors?
Red, yellow, blue.  (Child points to each color shape on board.)

Here are more umbrellas,
The prettiest we’ve seen.  (Put purple, orange, and green shapes on board.)
Now let’s name their colors.
Purple, orange, green. (Child points to each color shape on board.) 
                                 Liz Ryerson

- Language

Raindrops, raindrops
Falling from the sky,
I’ll hold up my umbrella—
It will keep me dry.

Raindrops, raindrops
Falling drip-drip-drop,
I’ll hold up my umbrella
Until the raindrops stop.
                    Elizabeth Scofield

Let your children use their Umbrella Puppets or Finger Umbrellas from the Paper Plate Umbrellas activity, above, while reciting the rhyme.

MORE UMBRELLA FUN - Language/Movement
Recite the poem “Rain” from “A Child’s Garden of Verses” by Robert Louis Stevenson.
Invite your children to use these fun words for “umbrella” in sentences: “brolly” and “bumbershoot.”
Have the children tap out raindrop sounds on the top of an opened umbrella. 

- Music/Movement
Tune: “Looby Loo”

We put our umbrellas up.  (Circle arms overhead.)
We close our umbrellas down.  (Lower arms to sides.)
We give our umbrellas
A shake, shake, shake,  (Shake pretend umbrellas.)
And turn them all around. (Twirl pretend umbrellas.)
                         Heather McPhail

Repeat the song as long as interest lasts.

UMBRELLA SNACKS - Food Preparation
Invite your children to help make small sandwiches. Then stick colorful toothpick umbrellas into their sandwiches for a fun decoration.
Let your children spread frosting on muffins. Stick a toothpick umbrella into each muffin and have the child place a gummy bear under the umbrella. (Be sure to provide adult supervision for activities that use toothpicks.)