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Invite your children to try one or more of these art activities.
Freeze tempera paints in ice cube trays with a craft stick handle (placed at an angle) in each cube. Paint with the cubes on heavy paper.
Instead of tempera paints, freeze water tinted with food coloring in ice cube trays. Insert craft-stick handles before freezing. Use for ice painting.
Draw designs on heavy paper using water-based markers. “Paint” over the designs with plain ice cubes and watch the colors soften and blend.

Give your children pieces of light gray or blue paper and place a spoonful of white fingerpaint in the center of each paper. Play some waltz music  (try “The Skaters Waltz,” if available). Then invite your children to move their hands and fingers across their papers as if skating on ice to create fingerpaint designs.
COLOR ICE - Colors
In ice cube trays, make ice cubes tinted separately with red, yellow, and blue food coloring. Set out clear-plastic glasses of water.  Then let your children try making three new colors by dropping two different colored ice cubes into each glass. Lead them to see that mixing red and yellow makes orange, mixing red and blue makes purple, and mixing blue and yellow makes green.
Fill several compartments of an ice cube tray with water. Let your children help drop a different small object, such as a stone, a paper clip, a penny, or a pasta piece, into each of the compartments. Place the tray in the freezer. When the cubes have set, ask the children to try guessing which object is in each cube. Then let them melt the cubes with warm water to check their guesses.
- Science/Movement/Dramatic Play
Ice Experiment: Place one ice cube in each of several small cups. Put the cups in various places—one in the freezer, one by a heat source, one outside, one on the snack table, and so on. Encourage your children to check the cubes periodically. Which are melting the fastest? The slowest? Why?
Ice Skating: Ask the children put pretend ice skates on over their stocking feet. Play music and let them “skate” around on a vinyl floor.
Icicle Melt: Show the children how to pretend to be icicles hanging from the edge of a roof. As the sun comes out, have them begin to melt, growing thinner and thinner until at last, they break off and fall to the ground in big “puddles.”

Pour water into ice cube trays and let your children drop a small piece of fruit into each compartment. Put the trays in the freezer until the ice cubes are frozen solid. At snack time, serve the cubes in glasses of ginger ale, flavored water, or juice.