Cut out tissue (or crepe paper streamers) approximately 4 feet long. Multi-colors is fun, but same colored streamers are fine.

Stack together 4-6 streamers and wrap tape around the middle of the stack.
Give the streamer to your child and have him hold it in the middle over the tape.
Show him how to run with the streamers trailing out behind him.
Even toddlers like to listen to wind chimes. You will need a stick or twig, plus wire and small metal items, such as washers.
Attach a washer to a 2’ piece of wire, then attach the top of the wire to a stick.
Attach four or five hanging metal pieces. (Spoons can also be hung down.)
Finally, attach a 2 ½’ piece of wire, with both ends tied onto the stick for a handle.
Hang the Wind Chimes in a tree, or hook outside.

Sung to:  “Hush, Little  Baby”

I see the wind, when the trees bend low.
I see the wind, when the leaves all blow.
I see the wind, when the kites fly high,
I see the wind, when the clouds float by.
I see the wind, when it blows my hair,
I see the wind, most everywhere!    
                                Jean Warren
                                © Warren Publishing House    
Sing and act out the song with your children.