Cut out a large circle shape from orange felt.
Place the pumpkin shape on a large felt board.
Set out two black triangle shapes, a black small square shape and a large rectangle shape.
Show your toddler how to arrange the shapes on the pumpkin shape, with the two triangles for eyes, the small square as a nose and the rectangle as a mouth.
Name the shapes as you place them on the pumpkin.
Now remove the shapes and have your toddler make a face on the pumpkin using the shapes.
Variation: You could also cut out a small green felt square shape to use as a top for the pumpkin.

Cut out three orange felt pumpkin shapes in three different sizes, large medium and small.
Set out the pumpkins on the floor according to size – smallest to largest.
Ask your toddler to point to the pumpkin that is the largest.
Now ask, which pumpkin is the smallest.