Every day we get junk mail and just throw it out.  Toddlers love to play with junk mail.  Here are a few ideas and games to do with toddlers using mail.


Coloring – let your toddler color on the pages before you throw them away.

Gluing - Cut out pictures from the mail and let your toddler paste them onto a blank piece of paper.

Sticking – Give any stickers that come in the mail to your toddler.  Set out a slightly wet sponge for them to place the sticker on, before placing it onto a plain piece of paper.


SIZE RECOGNITION – Set out three envelopes of different sizes.  Ask your child to point out the smallest envelope, the largest envelope.

SORTING MAIL BY SIZE – Set out two boxes a small box and a larger box.  Have your child sort a stack of mail by placing the large envelopes in the large box and the smaller envelopes into the smaller box.

SORTING MAIL BY COLOR – Give your child a stack of mail and have her sort the mail looking for a special color.  Have her put the special colored envelopes into a separate pile.

MAIL CARRIER – Find an old plain purse with shoulder straps for your child to use as a mail bag.  Place open boxes around your home for “mail boxes”.  Give your child some junk mail to place in his bag and have him deliver the mail around the house into the mail boxes.