Eggs in Carton

You will need a cardboard type egg carton for this activity and some non-snap clothes pins.

  • Close the egg carton and turn it up-side-down.
  • Poke holes in the bottom of each egg cup with a clothes pin.
  • Set out the egg carton and 6-12 clothes pins and let your toddler have fun poking the pins into the cup holes.

You will need the egg carton and clothes pins from the activity above for this activity.

  • Using marking pens, color two pins red, two yellow, two blue, two green, two purple and two orange.
  • Now take one of each color of the pins and place them in a row down on the left side of the egg carton.
  • Set out the remaining clothes pins and have your toddler pick up a pin and place it next to the pin of the same color.
  • Have children continue matching up the other clothes pins by color.


  • Place a small amount of dirt in each cup in an egg carton.
  • Next, have your toddler poke a finger in each dirt cup, while you drop in a marigold seed.
  • Let your child help you water the plants by spooning a teaspoon of water onto each plant.
  • Set the Egg Carton Garden in a sunny spot and continue watering the plants about once every other day.
  • Plant the seedlings outside once they have sprouted leaves.


  • Give your toddler an egg carton and a cup of dried beans.
  • Have the child pour the beans into the egg cups.
  • Then secure the egg carton lid by closing it and fastening the edges with tape.
  • Show your child how to shake their carton to create sounds.