Here is a list of toddler toys that allow the child to be part of the play, rather than the toy doing the action and the child just watching.  Keep these in mind when purchasing holiday toys this year.

  1. Bath Tub Puppet
  2. Bubbles and a Blower
  3. Butterfly Wings
  4. Blow-up Ball
  5. Nesting Blocks or Boxes
  6. Texture wrist bands
  7. Stickers
  8. Rhythm Bell or Shakers
  9. Texture Book
  10. Walking Puppet (holes for fingers)
  11. Finger Puppets
  12. Matching Game (simple)
  13. Sponges
  14. Cookie Cutters
  15. Magnets
  16. Simple Puzzles
  17. Pop-Up Puppet
  18. Finger Paint
  19. Sound Bottles
  20. Color Paddles
  21. Pop Beads
  22. Large Beads to thread
  23. Bean Bags
  24. Large Lego or other construction blocks
  25. Small wagon or other pull toy.
  26. Small cart or other push toy.
  27. Beginning art materials; such as, large crayons or washable markers.
  28. Non-breakable mirror.