Large lightweight blocks are great for toddlers to use for beginning building projects.  Here are some ideas for making your own blocks.

  • Tissue Box Blocks - Use large empty tissue boxes and tape across the top hole.
  • Grocery Bag Blocks – Stuff medium sized grocery bags with old newspapers.  Fold bag to create a square shape, then tape the ends to one side of the bag.
  • Cardboard Box Blocks – Use empty cardboard boxes; such as, cereal boxes, small shoe boxes, etc.  Tape down lids and tops securely.
  • Milk Carton Blocks – You will need the waxed cardboard type of carton for these blocks.  Rinse out cartons, let dry, bend tops down and tape flat.

Small wooden blocks are great for developing small muscle control in toddlers.  They should, however, be used with supervision.  Keep the blocks together in a container and pull them out when you can oversee their use.  Small blocks can be used on the floor or on a table top.  Here are some activities you can do with your toddler using small wooden blocks.


  • Show your toddler how to place the blocks in a line to for a block “train” or “road”.
  • Show your toddler how to place one block on top of another to for a small ‘tower” or “building”.
  • Show your toddler how to use the blocks to fill up a dump truck and haul them across the room.
  • Small blocks are great for “in” and “out” activities.
  • If your blocks are “colored” you can hold up a small block and have them find another blocks that is the same color.

BLOCK RHYMES AND SONGS – Check the Music Station for block rhymes and songs.