1. Pay attention when your child wants to talk with you.
  2. Let your toddler help wash himself in the tub or shower.
  3. Let your child start to take responsibility for her possessions.
  4. Let your toddler help you or others around the house.
  5. Give your child words for her feelings.  “You look so happy”.  “You must be feeling sad”.
  6. Help your child name different body parts, while looking in a mirror.
  7. Measure your child’s height on a wall chart, so she can see how she has grown.
  8. Help your child draw outlines of their hands and feet on paper.
  9. Discuss with your toddler how he is growing larger and can no longer fit into the clothes he once wore.  Compare infant clothes to the ones he wears now.
  10. Sing “Body Parts” songs with your child.  Check “Toddler Songs and Rhymes”.