Here are some fun learning games to do with your toddler in the bath tub.

SINK OR FLOAT – Collect several objects that sink, such as a washcloth, a full bottle of shampoo.  Next find objects that float, such as a sponge, a rubber duck and a bar of soap.  Ask your child, one by one which of the items he thinks will float and which items will sink.

MEASUREING CUP FUN – Measuring cups are a great bathtub toy.  Encourage your child to pour water from the smaller cups into the larger cup.  Ask her questions; such as, “How many half cups does it take to fill one cup?  Let your child play with the cups, experimenting on her own.

SELF-AWARENESS – Learning body parts is a natural in the bathtub.  Play a game with your child and ask him to name simple body parts as you soap them up.

SHAVING CREAM DRAWING – Spray unscented shaving cream on the inside of the bathtub.  Encourage your child to draw simple shapes and letters in the foam with her finger.