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Toddlers love pulling and playing with small wagons. They are great for filling up and unloading. Here are a few activities that toddlers can enjoy using a wagon.
Give your child a small wagon (or box) and some small objects, such as; blocks or small toys. Encourage your child to put the objects into the wagon, take them for a short ride, then unload the objects. When he puts something in, say "in". When he takes something out, say "out".
Set out three stuffed animals and a small wagon (or box with short rope handle). Let your child take one or all of the animals for a ride around the room.
Take your child and the wagon outside. Sprinkle some leaves on the sidewalk or on the grass. Encourage your child to pull the wagon around and pick up the leaves. You can also play the game, where you pull the wagon while your child concentrates on just picking up the leaves.
Set out five red objects and five blue objects. Have your child go on a color hunt. As he picks up each object say the name of the color. Increase the objects and the number of colors as your child gets better at this game.