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How many things can you do with your Toddler using Cherrios? The amazing thing about materials like Cherrios, is that they are educational as well as safe and fun. Here are a few, ideas to get you started.
Make happy faces on open-faced peanut butter sandwiches. (Art)
Put some on a table and put them into piles of two. (Beginning math)
Put dots on a piece of paper and let your child place Cherrios on top of the dots. (Matching 1 - 1 -Beginning Math)
String Cherrios onto Chenille stems to make bracelets. (Crafts)
Grab a handful and estimate how many you have, then count to see who was closest. (Math)
Drop them into a jar. (Great for developing coordination skills.)
Toss them into a box. (Large muscle control)
Cut a tree out of paper, let your child lay Cherrios on the tree for pretend apples or blossoms. (Art/ Pretend)
Give your child a cupcake baking pan and twenty or more Cherrios. Have him place the cereal in the cups however he wishes. Then count to see how many Cherrios are in each cup. (Math)
Combine Cherrios with raisins and M & M's to make a simple snack treat.
Draw small cars and trucks on a piece of paper. Let your child add cereal wheels to complete the vehicles. (Thinking skills)