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Cut large heart shapes out of red paper.
Tape the hearts to the floor and put on some lively music.
Hop from heart to heart with your child.
Try hopping backwards and sideways, too!
Help your child draw a face on a paper heart shape.
Tape the heart to a craft stick to make a Heart Puppet.
Show your child how to make the Heart Puppet "talk" and "sing."


Cut heart shapes out of sheets from self-stick notepads. (Cut the hearts so that the sticky part of the paper is at the top of each heart.)
Stick the hearts all around your home.
Ask your child to join you in finding the hearts.
After you've found all the hearts, let your child stick some around for you to find.
VARIATION: If you don't have self-stick notepads, you can just make regular paper hearts and hide them around your house.

Write numerals on five paper heart shapes -from 1 to five.
Mix up the hearts and place them face down on a table.
Think of an action to do with your child (jumping, hugging, spinning, etc.).
Let your child turn over one of the hearts.
Together, say the number on the heart and then do the action you chose that many times, counting as you go.
Repeat, this game four more times, using the four remaining hearts.