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Set out a plastic clothes basket.

Give your toddler a medium sized ball.

Show her how to toss the ball into the basket.


 Set out three or four large, empty plastic soda bottles.

Have your toddler stand back 3-4 feet and roll a ball on the floor towards the bottles.

Have your child count the number of bottles he knocks down.


Set out some sheets of used paper (approximately 8” x 8”).

Show your toddler how to crumble the paper into a ball.

Later, your child can try tossing her paper balls across the room.

Note:  Crumbling paper into balls can help young children develop hand muscles.


 Set out some clay or play dough for your toddler.

Show him how to roll the clay or dough between his palms to create small balls.


Find a shoebox and a small rubber ball. (Be sure the ball is large enough that it won't fit in your child's mouth.)
Cut a hole in the bottom of the box, slightly larger than the ball.
Show your child how to drop the ball into the box and move the box around until the ball rolls out the hole.
Pick up the ball and let your child drop it in the box again.
Cut out magazine pictures of interesting people and animals.
Let your child help you place a circle sticker "ball" on each picture.
Staple the pictures together and add a construction paper cover.
Read your Bouncing Ball Book together, looking for the "ball" on each page.