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Set out several toy cars, some of the yellow and some of them blue. Let your child sort the cars by "parking" the yellow cars on a sheet of yellow paper and the blue cars on a sheet of blue paper.
Turn a shoebox into a car garage by cutting a door in one side. Ask your child to park two cars in the garage. Count with him as he "drives" one car and then another into the garage. Take the cars out of the garage. Repeat, letting your child drive a different number of cars into the garage each time.

Prop a long cardboard tube up on a chair. Tape it in place, if you wish. Ask your child what she thinks will happen if she puts a car in the top of the tube. Let her try it. Where does the car go? How far does it go? Let her try again (and again). Or, prop up two cardboard tubes and have a race.

Give your child a small box of toy cars to line up. Encourage your child to make a long line of cars, a short line of cars, a line of blue cars, a line of race cars, and so on.

Collect toy cars of varying sizes. Help your child arrange the cars from smallest to biggest.

Talk with your child about the stoplights you see when you drive around town. Explain that green means the cars and trucks can go and red means they must stop. Cut a circle out of red paper and a circle out of green paper. Hold up the green circle and have your child "drive" a toy car all around the room. Then hold up the red circle, have your child "stop" the car. Continue alternating the green and red circles as your child drives and stops the car. Then let your child hold up circles while you drive and stop the toy car.