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Toddler Puppet Fun
Puppets are a wonderful resource for encouraging young children's language development. Have a variety of puppets available for your toddlers to explore. Show them how to put the puppets on their hands and how to make the puppets move and "talk." Then try the following puppet activities.
Puppet Talk
Invite your children to sit around you. Put a puppet on your hand and let the puppet ask the children questions such as: "What's your name? How old are you? What's your favorite thing to eat?" Young children are often more willing to talk to a puppet than they are to an adult.
Puppet Stories

Choose a simple story and find a puppet to represent each character it. Use the puppets tell or act out the story for your children. Or choose a puppet to narrate a story.
Puppet Movement
Have your children pretend to be puppets. You pretend to be the puppeteer, directing the children's movements. Give your puppets commands such as: "Puppets, touch the floor. Puppets, twirl around. Puppets, jump up and down. Puppets, go to sleep."
Making Puppets

Try making these simple puppets with your toddlers.
Bandage Finger Puppet-Put a plain bandage on a finger. Use a permanent marker to draw a face on the bandage.
Circle Finger Puppet-Draw a face on a circle sticker. Put the circle sticker on a finger to make a puppet.
Stick Puppets-Cut out pictures from magazines, catalogs, greeting cards, wrapping paper, or photographs. Mount the pictures on heavy paper and cover with clear self-stick paper for durability. Attach the pictures to craft sticks to make Stick Puppets.