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 Toddler Art Tips
Remember that it's the process, not the product, that's important.
Plan simple art projects to avoid confusing and frustrating your toddlers.
Keep an open mind-your toddlers may have different ideas about how to use the materials you've provided.
Sit down with your toddlers as they are creating. Talk about what they're doing and join in the creative process. Offer suggestions by modeling them, rather than explaining them.
Add a few drops of liquid dishwashing soap to tempera paint. This makes the paint easier to wash off hands and clothes.
When painting, place papers on rimmed cookie sheets to keep messes to a minimum.
Use empty yogurt containers with lids as paint containers. When the paint is gone, just throw the containers away.
Toddlers love using paintbrushes, but they may also enjoy painting with such things as craft sticks, spoons, cotton swabs, feathers, and sponges.
Tape three or four regular crayons together to make a crayon just the right size for a toddler's hand.
Cover a table with butcher paper and let your children draw or paint all over it.
Invite your toddlers to stand up while fingerpainting. This allows them to involve their arms and bodies in the process. Be sure to give your child plenty of space for moving around.