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Picnic Art

What's for Lunch?
Look through magazines with your child to find pictures of his or her favorite foods. Cut out the food pictures. Have your child glue the pictures to a paper plate to make a picnic "lunch." If you wish, help your child prepare a paper plate "lunch" for each member of your family.
Picnic Placemat

Cut red construction paper into small squares. Let your child glue the red squares onto a sheet of white paper to make a red and white checkered Picnic Placemat. If you wish, cover the placemat with clear self-stick paper for durability. Let your child use his or her placemat at lunch or dinner.
Picnic Basket
Roll down the sides of a large paper grocery bag and attach a construction paper handle to make a Picnic Basket. Have your child decorate the basket with markers, crayons, or stickers. Let your child fill the basket with toy food. Spread a blanket on the floor and have a pretend picnic.