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Toddlers love crayons, just be sure that they are past the "trying to eat them" stage before trying these learning activities. Large preschool crayons are best for toddlers.
My two year old grandson taught me this game. He loved it, I hope your child will, too. Take a piece of paper and make a small hole in the middle of it. Hold it a few inches off the table and show your child how to drop a crayon through the hole. Preschoolers love to put things in, have them disappear and then discover them all over again under the paper. We did the game many times before he tired of it. He didn't know it but this game was giving him practice in developing his small muscle and coordination skills.

For this game, you will need a piece of paper and a box of 6-8 crayons. Take a crayon and lay it on a piece of paper, then draw around the crayon shape with a pen. Move the crayon and repeat until you have 6-8 crayon shapes on your paper. Next, color the crayon shapes the colors of your crayons. Give the paper to your child and one crayon. Have her match the crayon to the same color crayon on the paper. Continue with the other crayons until she has found a match for all 8 crayons, or until interest lasts. Say the name of the color of crayon she is holding while she looks for that color on the paper.
A fun beginning art project to do with toddlers, is to wrap a rubberband around three different colored crayons, then give it to your child with a piece of paper. Have him try marking the paper with his rainbow maker. Children love making three colors appear on their papers at once.

Another fun crayon art project, is to tape a black crayon to the back bumper of a toy car. Lay down a piece of paper and let your child roll the car across the paper creating black car tracks.
Whenever you use crayons with young children, count them with your child as you take them out of the box and when you put them away. Make counting a fun part of your child's life.