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These fun toddler games below were taken from the Totline book, TODDLER GAMES.
You'll find over 160 age appropriate games for 1-3 year olds in this book. Click on the book cover to the right of this article to find out how to order.
Set out a blow-up pool ring on the grass.
Have your child try tossing bean bags, rolled-up socks, or other soft yet heavy items into the ring.
Help your child count how many items he threw, landed in the ring.
Repeat the game if interest lasts.
Collect a number of plastic blocks, balls, or other brightly colored items.
Scatter these "treasures" in your yard.
Invite your child on a Treasure Hunt
Give your child a pail and set out a laundry basket.
Have your child pick up as many treasures as she can hold in her pail and dump them in the laundry basket.
Have her continue until all of the items are found and placed in the laundry basket.
Repeat the game if interest lasts.
Set up a bowling game for your child.
You can use milk cartons, shoe boxes, blocks, or yogurt cups as pins.
Set up 1-10 pins and let your child try to knock them down with a ball.
Hang 10 feet of clothesline across an open space, about 5 feet above the ground.
Tie 2 feet of string through a whiffle ball and hang it from the center of the clothesline.
Give your child a badmitten racket and let him practice hitting the ball.