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Toddlers love playing in water. Set out a dishpan or an old infant bathtub and fill it with warm water. Set it outside on a porch or on the grass. Below are some suggestions for using the water.
Measuring Cups - Toddlers love filling things up and pouring things out. Measuring cups can also be used for stacking and nesting games.
- Find a couple of old plastic bottles or margarine tubs and poke some holes in the bottom of them. Show your child how to fill the cups with water and then watch it sprinkle down.
Liquid Soap - Add a few drops of liquid soap, add a large spoon and let your child stir up some bubbles.
ponges - Give your child some small sponges to fill and squeeze. Let them wash their trike or wagon with the wet sponges.
Dishes - Toddlers love small plastic dishes to wash in their tub.
Doll Clothes
- Some children like to pretend that they are washing clothes. Let them wash their doll's clothes and hang them up to dry.
Watering Can - A small plastic watering can, can be filled by dipping it into the water tub. Toddlers can just pour the water back into the pan or they can actually water plants or the grass with the water.

On a hot day, bring water fun outside for a fun activity. Use a
baby tub
or small child's pool
Almost anything plastic, makes a great water toy. Be sure to set out some sponges, funnels, turkey basters, squeeze bottles and plastic measuring cups, if you have them.

In a small dishpan put some water and one squirt of dish detergent. Show your child how to spread their fingers in the water, then move them back and forth rapidly to make bubbles.
Take a plastic bottle and poke some holes in the bottom of the bottle. Let your child fill the bottle with water, then hold it up and watch the water sprinkle out.
Purchase a small watering can and let your child water outdoor plants.
Turn on a sprinkler for your child to run through.