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Below are 10 tips for providing nesting and stacking toys for your toddlers.
They are taken from the Totline book TERRIFIC TIPS FOR TODDLER TEACHERS. This book is great for parent and teachers, it is filled with 10l great tips for working with toddlers. Click on the book in the right column to learn more about the book and how you can order it now.
1) When choosing nesting and stacking toys for your toddlers, look for those that have only a few pieces. Toys with too many pieces to figure out can frustrate toddlers.
2) Make a nesting game for your children by collecting paper cups in three or four different sizes. Place the cups, right side up, on a table. Show the children how to place the cups inside one another, starting with the largest cup. A set of measuring cups also works well.
3) Boxes make a nice nesting game. Set out three or four boxes in different sizes for your children to nest together.
4) Purchase plastic eggs in small, medium, and large sizes. Put one of each size together to make a fun nesting toy for spring.
5) A nesting set of pots makes a great toy. Your toddlers will love experimenting with them to find out just how they can nest together.
6) Toddlers especially enjoy stacking rings. You can purchase commercially make stacking rings or you can make your own. A small bathroom plunger and some shower curtain rings or large metal canning jar rings make a fun game.
7) You can also make a stacking rings game out of a wooden bottle-drying rack and some old napkin rings. Have your children put the rings on the dowels of the rack.
8) Make a different kind of stacking toy by cutting the tops and bottoms off plastic 2-liter bottles to make cylinders. Cover the cylinders with self-stick paper, if you wish. Show your children how to stack the cylinders on top of each other.
9) Collect several small plastic containers that are all the same size. Let your children stack and unstack them.
10) For an unusual stacking game, collect plastic cups and saucers. Show your children how to stack them by alternating saucers and cups, then let them try to make a two or three cup tower.
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