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This activity requires a little work on your part but it is super easy and successful for your toddler.
Cut out large apple shape frames for your children from red construction paper.
Place the frame on a piece of Contac paper (sticky side up).
Next, cut around the apple shape, leaving a sticky background inside the apple frame.
Set out some red construction paper 1" squares and give a sticky apple frame to each of your children.
Have children place red squares on their sticky paper.
Encourage your children to cover their entire space with red squares, however, whatever they manage is fine.
A) Give your children apple shaped sponges and have them dip the sponges into plates of red paint. Then have them press the sponge onto white or colored paper. -OR-
B) Give your children white apple shaped paper and have them use a small sponge with a handle (shoe sponges are great) to sponge on red paint.