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Here are some fun games to play with your toddler using a sturdy basket.
Near Easter, or anytime, toddlers enjoy gathering up small plastic eggs.
Set out the eggs and have your child find them and place them into their basket.
As your child becomes better at the game, start placing the eggs in harder to find places.
Have your child sit on the floor with his legs open.
Have him place his basket next to him.
Now, roll small balls to him and have him place them in his basket. (Ping-pong balls work great for this activity)
Tie a short pull cord on your child's basket. (For safety reasons, make the cord 12" or less)
Encourage your child to use his basket to take small toys for rides.
Give your child a small dishcloth (or large cloth napkin) to use as a blanket for his basket.
Show her how to place a toy doll (or animal) in the basket for a bed. Then, cover the doll up with the blanket for a nap.
Set the basket in the middle of the room.
Set out some small (soft) toys.
Encourage your child to practice tossing the toys into the basket.
This is a great activity for developing coordination skills.

You will need a colored baskets for this activity, such as a red, or blue one.

  • Set out some small toys, that are solid colors, such as red, blue, yellow and green.
  • Give your child one of the baskets.
  • Have her look through the toys and try to find only items that match the color of the basket, and then put them to her basket.
  • As your child gets better at this activity, give her a different colored basket to fill up.
  • Continue the activity only if the child is interested in doing so.