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Young children love bells.  Here are a few bells props to make for your children to use when singing holiday songs or just listening to the cheery sounds they make.

CAUTION:  Always supervise use of small bells with young children.  Be sure to securely sew or attach all bells so that they can not fall off and be accidentally swallowed.


You will need a small empty water bottle and 2-3 small bells for each child.

Take small empty water bottles and place 2-3 small bells in each.
Screw bottle lids back on and then cover the lids with strong tape.
You will need 2-3 bells plus a chenille stem for each bracelet.
Thread 2-3 bells onto a 6” chenille stem.
    Then, bend and twist the stem into a small bracelet for your child.
Wrap tape around chenille ends, so that they do not scratch your child.
You will need a pair of mittens and 4 small bells for each child.
Sew 2 small bells to the top of each mitten.
Children put on two mittens and clap their hands to make the bells ring.
Have your child try to clap to the rhythm of the music.
BELL SONGS & RHYMES - can be found at the Music Station.