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Toddlers love playing with pots and pans. Here are some learning skills you can teach using them.

Set out one or two pans with lids.
First, let your child just play with the pans and lids, discovering for themselves how they fit together.
Then sit down with her and say “off”, when you take off the lid and “on” when you put the lid back on.
Finally, say “off” and “on” and see if your child will do the action you request.

Set out some other small objects with the pots.
Encourage your child to put the objects in the pot and then take them out.
Eventually, sit with them and say “in” when they place an object into a pan and “out” when they take the object out.


Set out three to four soft objects for tossing, such as a cloth ball.
Show your child how to stand up and toss the ball into the pot.
Variation: Have your child toss a ball while you try to catch it in the pan.

Set out just two pan lids.
Show your child how to pick up the two lids and bang them together.
As your child bangs, sing a simple song, such as, “Peas Porridge Hot” or “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”.

Set out two pans of different sizes.
Have your child place the smaller pan into the larger pan.
Try setting out three different sized pans for your child to nest.