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Toddlers love sand combs and they are so easy to make.
Cut cardboard into 4” x 5” pieces.
Leave one long side flat and cut the opposite edges into different notches, such as; in and out comb teeth, or in and out points or a wavy edge.
Give the cardboard combs to your toddler and let him/her use them to make designs in the sand.
You will need to sew these dolls but they are easy and so much fun at the beach.
You will be making a drawstring bag.
Cut a heavy cotton into a 14” x 28” piece.
Fold the top (of the long side) down and stitch it in place. Leave room for a drawstring.
Then fold the material in-half, creating a square, leaving the stitched side out.
Now cut a 4” slit in the middle of the bottom of the square, cutting through both pieces of material.
Stitch around all open edges, up to top stitching.
Turn the bag right side out and draw a face on the top half with permanent marking pens.
Lace a drawstring through the top hem. This can be done easily by pinning a safety pin to the end of a sturdy piece of ribbon and working it through the hole.
Take the doll to the beach or sandbox, let your child fill it with sand, pull the drawstring tight and you have an instant sand doll.
When it’s time to go home, just untie the doll and dumb out the sand.
You will need an empty bleach bottle for this toy.
Cut the bottom of the bottle off diagonally, creating a large sand scoop.
Round the edges of the scoop.
You will need a large plastic soda bottle for this underwater viewer.
Cut the top and bottom from a soda bottle, leaving a 4” cylinder section.
Cover one end of the cylinder with plastic wrap and secure it with a large rubber band.
Let your child use the viewer for observing underwater scenes at the beach or in a wading pool.