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Collect some dried fall leaves.
Let your child help you crush the leaves into small pieces and set aside.
Cut out a large brown turkey shape.
Set out a small cup of glue and a glue brush.
Have your child brush glue on the body of their turkey shape.
Finally, have your child sprinkle the dried leaf bits on top of the glue.

This project is a little messy, but even toddlers can successfully make hand print turkeys.
You will need some white paper and some brown paint.
Pour some paint one a small plate.
Have your child place their hand in the brown paint. Be sure that the whole palm of the hand is covered with paint.
Then help your child press their hand onto a piece of paper.
Let dry. Then using a thin black marker, add facial features to the thumb or a head and add legs and feet for the turkey.
These are great for making holiday cards.

You will need a large brown turkey shape (use pattern on Pattern Station).
You will also need small 1 squares of paper. (Cut from magazines, tissue or construction paper)
Set out the turkey shape and some glue and a brush. Have your child brush glue across his turkey and then place colorful squares over the glue

Cut out a 2 x 18 strip of paper.
Give the strip to your child along with a stamp pad and a turkey stamp.
Help your child stamp turkeys across the strip.
When your child is finished, wrap the strip around your child's head and tape the two ends together.