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Toddlers love to shake and roll rounded objects.  Take advantage of this natural curiosity and fill large soda bottles with interesting things to observe.  Be sure to secure the top of the bottles, perhaps even gluing them shut, or wrapping them with tape.
BOUNCY BEANS – Put various large dried beans in a bottle for your child to shake and roll around, listening to the sound it makes.
RAIN BOTTLES – Put some rice in a bottle and make your child a rain bottle as they tilt the bottle up and down.
POP CORN POPPER – Put some popped corn in the bottle and encourage your child to roll in around the room, popping the corn.
FLOATING OCTOPUS – Blow up two very small balloons and tie.  Place them in the bottle and then fill the bottle ¾ with water.  The balloons will bob around and look like baby whales.
MINI TOYS – Look for mini cars, animals, balls, dice, etc. to place in a bottle.
BEACH SCENE – Place ½ cup sand in the bottle, along with some mini shells.  Pour in some water, tinted with blue food coloring.
BUBBLES GALORE – Pour in some water, tinted with blue food coloring and some dish soap or some bubble bath.  Shake up the bottle to make bubbles.
GLITTER BOTTLES – Drop in some glitter, sequins, metallic confetti, glass jewels.  Fill ¾’s with water and shake.
FEATHER BOTTLES – Fill the bottle with ten or twenty small feathers.

Empty soda bottle make great bowling pins for toddlers.
Set up three to ten soda bottles.
Have your child stand back and roll a ball towards the bottles.
How many did he knock down?
Here is a fun toy you can make for your toddler.
  • Take a clean two litter (soda) bottle and fill it half-way with water.
  • Blow up two or three very small balloons.
  • Release some of the air and tie off the ends.
  • Put the balloons into the bottle.
  • Twist the bottle top on tight. Wrap with tape if you desire.
  • Show your child how to lay the bottle on its side and rock it back and forth to create gentle waves for the balloon (fish) to swim in.

Variation:  Add some blue food coloring to the water to turn the water blue.