Give each toddler a white doily.
Set out some white glue and some small glue brushes.
Have the children spread glue across the middle of their doily.
Set out some small dried or paper flowers.
Have the toddlers place flowers in the middle of their doily.
Have toddlers take the doilies home to their mothers.
Cut out flower shapes from colorful construction paper and gift wrap.
Give each child a large piece of background paper and a glue brush.
Have children spread glue across their papers.
Then, encourage the children to place multiple flower shapes across their papers, creating a flower collage.

These dye dipped flowers make great spring flowers.
 Set out two or three cups of water.
Sprinkle 3-4 drops of different food coloring in each cup.  Stir.
One at a time, have children pick up a coffee filter and fold it a couple of times.
Then have them dip one end of the filter in one cup and the other end of the filter in another cup.
Allow filters to dry.
When dry, help children to gather each filter in the middle and wrap a green chenille around the center and to act as a stem for the flower.
Place flowers in May baskets or use them to decorate your room.

 Let your children take turns finger painting on a table or cookie sheet.
When they get a design they like, give them a large paper flower shape to lay on top of the design.
Show children how to rub their hand across the back of the paper flower.
When they pick up the flower, an impression of their design will appear on their paper flower.
These look nice hung down from the ceiling or from a string stretched across the room up high.

You will need some small sponges for this activity.
 Cut flower shapes from small sponges.
Set out the sponges and some different colors of paint in shallow paint trays.
Give each child a piece of paper and a couple of sponges.
Show them how to place a sponge in some paint and then press it onto their papers.
Handles can be hot glued onto the flower sponges, if you desire.
Variation:  Commercially made flower stamps can also be used for this project.
This project is simple enough for toddlers.
 Set out a tray of red paint.
One at a time have your children place a hand in the paint.
Then, holding their fingers together, have them make a print of their hand on a piece of light blue background paper.
When the papers dry, help children to add a green paper stem and some leaves.
Variation:  Set out a large sheet of butcher paper and have your children make prints on it.  This can be turned into a large wall mural with multiple tulips on it.
Variation: Have toddlers add glue to the palm of their tulips and add confetti, to turn the tulips into a different kind of flower.