Set out a thin layer of white paint in a shallow pan.
Set out some black paper.
Have your toddler place her hand in the paint and then lift it out and make a print on the black paper.
Try to get her to keep her middle fingers together while spreading out the two outside fingers.
When dry, make a mouth and eyes on the handprint ghost using a black marking pen.
Give your child a piece of white paper and have him tear around the edges.
Then help him draw on two eyes and a mouth with a black pen.
Ghosts can be hung up as is; or you could have your child glue the white ghost onto a piece of black paper.
Take off your child’s shoes and have her place one of her feet in a small container of white paint.
Then have her make a print of her foot on a piece of black paper.
When the footprint is dry, turn the picture so the heel is pointed up and make a face on the heel of the shape, to represent a ghost.
You may have made these ghosts when you were little.  You will need some white nose tissue, some string and a small craft stick or small twig.
Roll one tissue into a ball and place it in the center of another tissue laid flat.
Place the stick, sticking out of the balled tissue.
Then bring the sides of the flat tissue up and gather them around the stick.
Then tie everything together above the balled tissue.
Turn the stick upside-down and you have a ghost on a stick.
Use a thin black marker to create a friendly face.

Use the stick puppet while chanting the following rhyme to your toddler.

Baby ghost, baby ghost
Flying through the air.       
Baby ghost, baby ghost
Touching your hair.

(Move puppet back and forth in front of toddler.)

(Have ghost touch toddlers hair.)

Baby ghost, baby ghost
Flying down low.                 
Baby ghost, baby ghost
Touches your toe.

(Bring hand with puppet down low.)

(Bend down and touch ghost to toddlers toe.)

Baby ghost, baby ghost
Flying up high.                    
Baby ghost, baby ghost
Touches your eye.  

(Raise ghost puppet up high.)

(Toddler shuts eye, while ghost touches eye lid.)

            Baby in the highchair, goo, goo, goo.
            Cow in the meadow, moo, moo, moo.
            Owl in the tree, woo, woo, woo.
            Ghost in the sky, boo, boo, boo!
                                               Jean Warren

            Little ghost, little ghost, flying up so high.
            Little ghost, little ghost, flying ‘cross the sky.
            Little ghost, little ghost, booing just for fun.
            Little ghost, little ghost, scaring everyone!
                                                      Jean Warren