Give your child a piece of light blue paper.
Then give her a yellow paper baking cup and some glue.
Show her how to make a circle of glue on her paper.
Then have her flatten her baking cup and place it on the glue.
Press down a little on the baking cup to hold.
Have her cover the bottom of her paper with glue and then sprinkle on some sand to make a beach picture.
Cover the bottom of the paper with glue and then sprinkle on some real or pretend grass pieces, for a yard picture.
Give your child two or three yellow paper baking cups.
Have him smash them both down flat.
Then have him make two circle of glue on his paper and place the two yellow flowers onto the glue.  Press down.
Help your child add flower stems and leaves with a green marking pen.

You will need a yellow or white paper plate for this activity.
Cut out the center of the paper plate.
Give your child some glue and 1” x 2” strips of yellow tissue paper.
Have your child glue the strips of tissue paper all around the rim of the paper plate.
Add a large craft stick handle (tape or glue it to back of plate).
Have your child hold up the sun puppet and stick their face through the middle.
Encourage your child to use the puppet when singing songs about the sun, or listening to stories or rhymes about the sun.

Discuss with your child the types of clothing we wear when the sun is out vs. clothes we wear when it is cold.
Set out a pile of clothes and have your child pick out the warm weather clothes.

Examples:  Shorts vs. Long pants; boots vs. sandals,  snowsuit vs. bathing suit;  knit hat vs. sun hat.

When the sun is out, have your child go on a shadow search.
How many can they find?
Which shadow is the largest?
Which shadow is the smallest?
Can he make a shadow with his own body?

See the yellow circle in the sky,
That’s the sun, passing by.
It’s warm rays are shinning down.
But when it’s cloudy, they can’t be found.
                                    Jean Warren